Hieba was an human woman who lived during the Age of Fire. She was also nicknamed "Berrysweet" by Auron.

She was found as an orphan into the wrecked camp of the waste-elves after their escape caused by Auron.

Shortly after that event, Auron met the human Naf: the warrior convinced the dragon to take care about the small orphaned girl. Auron was at first reluctant (stating it would be more natural for him to eat the girl), but Naf insisted, stating that she would be safer with the dragon.

Auron spent much time together Hieba, while searching for the famed dragon NooMoahk, and the two grew fond to each other, with Auron protecting the young human like an adoptive daughter.

After having found the ancient dragon, Auron decided to keep her away abandoning the girl nearby an human village, to not put her life in danger.

Years later, AuRon was surprised to find her alive and well and in the company of Naf, who met the girl again while patrolling the lands as a Red Guard. AuRon was pleased to find the only two humans he trusted not only alive, but married. Their safety was one of the main reasons that convinced AuRon to fly north to investigate about the Dragon-riders, thus beginning the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice.

After the war, Hieba and Naf had a daughter: Nissa. However when the honorable man challenged the rule of the Red Queen, his daughter was imprisoned as a hostage. Once again AuRon was involved in batte, together Naf, to save his friends.

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