The Hypatian Directory (or just Directory) was the ruling governative body of the Hypatian Empire (that despite its name was not ruled by an Emperor).

It was formed by a number of notable Hypatian individual, including mostly humans but also elves.

Before and during the Age of Fire, the Directory proved unable to prevent the weakening of the Hypatian power, and politically they were wary and slow: more prone to ignore or underestimate a problem rather than facing it.

This led to a inaction during the Dragon-riders Wars, and almost brought an end to their civilization during the War of the Red Queen. A number of members of the Directory attempted to negotiate with the Ironriders, such negotiation ended with the temporary occupation of the city and the bodies of the men mounted on gruesome wooden rods.

Thanks the dragons, the war was over, and in the following years the Directory accepted to became part of the Grand Alliance: despite claims of equalism, the political role of the Directory become insignificant.

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