The Inurgency in Dairuss was a conflict fought during the Age of Fire between the Ghioz Empire and Dairussian rebels. It was part of the War of the Red Queen.

Insurgency in Dairuss
Time Age of Fire
Place Dairuss
Result Decisive Dairussian victory. Independence of Dairuss achieved.
Dairussian insurgents

Hypatian Empire(small advisor support)

Diadem(support, providing armors and weapons)

Ghioz Empire


Naf Touraq

AuRon (second phase)

General Sandwash(advisor)


other commanders


including defected Silver Guards and some Red Guards

1 dragon (second phase)

2 Hypatian advisers

guards and local soldier (first phase)

3 columns (second phase) with Ironriders cavalry.


First phase: Heavy, including civilians

Second phase: light or moderate losses

First Phase: Heavy, including tax-collectors

Second Phase: heavy casualties to one column.

2 Rocs killed with their riders

Background Edit

The Kingdom of Dairuss has long been an independent nation, but by the time of the Age of Fire it had long been turned into a province of Ghioz Empire. While the Ghioz Empire grew in strength, the local Dairussian governor Naf Touraq (who was benign toward his people) was replaced by Hischhein who demanded high taxes to please the Red Queen. Such demands was mixed with an already difficult situation after the Dragon-riders Wars because Dairuss accepted a large number of refugees. Resentment toward the Ghioz demands, led the start of the insurrection.

First Phase Edit

The insurrection began with murdering of the tax-collectors. Discontent grew quickly, with Dairussians attacking the provincial capital and setting afire the domes of Ghioz. Naf Touraq gathered the Silver Guard and those among the Red Guard who chose to side with the insurrection, leading them for a whole summer of resistance against the Ghioz Empire.

Naf, aware of the inequality of forces, attempted to call for help from the Hypatians, but his pleas were met only with little help, in the form of few advisers including the elf General Sandwash and a dwarf engineer named Ermet.

The Ghioz Empire sent a first force of three columns and Naf's insurgents attempted to slow their advance. However Dairussians were surprised by the sudden arrival of the Ironriders (who allied to the Ghioz Empire) that forced the rebels to flee while carrying destruction on the province.

Despite this first outcome, the fame of Naf only grew and many Dairussian searched for him into the mountains to join his rebel army.

Final Offensive Edit

The Ghioz column hunted the rebels and forced them to shift camp for some time. Finally AuRon the Gray, old friend of Naf, returned to provide his help.

With his knowledge, the rebels found out a crystal used by the Red Queen to secretly observe their movements, then AuRon himself prepared to take part in the battle.

The first contact occurred when the rebels shot many volleys of arrows from their barricade, slowing the advancing columns, but eventually the defense was broken: this was the time Naf was waiting for. At his order, archers positioned on higher ground kept bombarding the Ghi-men with other volleys of arrows, rolling also rocks down a cliff.

The Ghioz column was scattered by the barrage of rocks and arrows, and Dairussians descended from steep notch to keep fighting on closer range.

Two Roc-riders attempted to relief the column: but one was brought down by arrows, while the second one was killed by AuRon who managed to surprise it and its rider.

AuRon then attacked and dispersed the horses and mules of the enemy (part of the cavalry had dismounted due the rugged mountain-ground), and this alongside the ongoing chasing and arrow-shooting from the rebels, forced the remains of the column to retreat.

Ghi-men left behind their own wounded, in the rush to escape the arrows of the Dairussians and the fury of a dragon.

Raid in the Capital Edit

After the victory and a travel of AuRon to north, the dragon returned and it was decided to attempt a raid to the Ghioz capital.

Such action was the conclusive one of the insurgency.

Aftermath Edit

With the end of the War of the Red Queen, Dairussians achieved their independence and the Kingdom of Dairuss was restored under King Naf.

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