Insurrection on the Isle of Ice
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Time Age of Fire
Place Isle of Ice
Result Decisive dragons victory. Fall of Dragon-riders
insurgent Dragons Dragon-riders
AuRon Wrimere(suicide)


2 dragons

11 dragonelles

some drakes/drakka


few Riders

few armed keepers

1 dragon

1 dragonelle killed

1 dragon wounded

All humans killed or surrendered

1 dragon killed

The Insurrection of the Isle of Ice was the conclusive act of the Dragon-riders Wars, during the Age of Fire.

Opposing Forces Edit

The Dragon-riders had employed most of their military forces (known to have been of eighteen dragons) on other locations on the coasts of the Inland Ocean, so the Isle of Ice had few dragons in the "fighting stock" and they took no part at the battle. Dragon-rider forces were composed by the Dragonguard, some Riders and few keepers that decided to took up arms. One of the "breeding stock" dragons, Starlight, took side with the Dragon-riders.

Insurrected dragons were led by AuRon, and there were 11 dragonelles ready to fight to death for their freedom and their hatchlings. Shadowcatch, of the breeding stock, sided with the Dragons during the insurrection, as for the young drakes and drakka.

Battle Edit

AuRon led the revolt, leading 11 dragonelles: some of them were still chained when the insurrection begun and Eliam, leader of Dragonguard, slaughtered the still-chained Ktarata. However the fury of the dragonelles quickly smashed the Dragonguards: Ouistrela was particularly effective against them (she had just laid a clutch), while AuRon killed Eliam.

Once coming out from the dragonelles pit, also the male Shadowcatch joined them and together the dragons freed the hatchlings and the young drakes, killing every Dragonguard they could find. Young drakes joined the battle by instinct alongside their own race (and despite the human training).

Once the battle reached the Wyrmaster lodge, the building was destroyed and one last resistance (of the remained Dragonguards, the few Riders stationed there and some of the keepers) was quelled.

Once the battle was believed over, AuRon rose to the sky with his new mate Natasatch, but they were ambushed by Starlight. Eventually AuRon defeated and killed Starlight, even if at the cost of a chunk of his tail.

Outcome Edit

Dragons spared the survived humans, allowing them to leave from the Isle of Ice on boat.

Once meeting the Wyrmaster after the end of the battle, the former leader of the defeated Dragon-riders took his own life with a blade.

The battle resulted into a decisive dragon victory and into a decisive defeat for the Dragon-riders that were effectively disbanded.

Only few Dragon-riders (and their Dragons, that chose to remain with them) kept on their way of life (even if purged by the most racist beliefs) as lonely mercenaries in the North or gathered in the Dragon Tower.

Dragonelles and Dragons of the Isle of Ice inhabited the Isle for some time before the following historical events.

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