The Invasion of Anaea was a conflict part of the Dragon-riders Wars.

Invasion of Anaea
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Anaea Uphold
Result Stalemate, eventually Dragon-riders strategic victory.
Dragon-riders Dragon Empire

(including Anaea Uphold)

unknown Upholder FeLissarath(killed)

Upholder (later also Host Commander) RuGaard

kern-king Asu-ra

less than 12 dragons with riders 2 dragons

3 dragons (reinforcement, not employed)

1 dragonelle

1 not-combatant dragonelle

3 Firemaids

2 Drakwatch members

Anaean human warriors

at least 4 riders killed

2 dragons killed

1 dragon killed

1 dragonelle killed

Heavy Anaean losses (including civilians)

1 not-combatant dragonelle found death (non-battle related)

Background Edit

The Dragon-riders had heard of presence of southern dragons and sent an emissary to talk with the Copper, who at the time was going to take the place of the previous Upholder in Anaea. The talk was difficult due language difference, but it soon became clear to both the parts of having found a formidable enemy.

First Attack Edit

The Dragon-riders hit first: they burned the city of the kern kings with less than a score of dragons. Upholder FeLissarath and his mate attempted a counter-attack also to capture an enemy and gather intelligence: they faced in aerial combat three dragons, a first enemy was brought down (the rider surely killed), but then went down FeLissarath himself after having shot by a poisoned dart, quickly followed by his mate that did not die before dragging with her one of the enemies to the ground.

When RuGaard attempted to reach the Tooth Cave to enter the Lower World and alert the Empire, three dragons followed him, in the ensuring chasing into the Cave (with the final support of two Firemaids including Asleea) two riders died and their dragons fled, while the third rider retreated with his dragon being left alone to face more numerous enemies.

From the body of one of the riders, it was retrieved one of the powerful crossbows and the darts with enclosed glass's containers full of deadly poison. The discovery would be important to later counter such powerful weapon.

With the death of FeLissarath, RuGaard assumed the title of next Upholder of Anaea.

Useless reinforcement Edit

RuGaard managed to quickly convince SiDrakkon of the seriousness of the situation: he could fly back to Anaea with AuBalagrave and two dragons, being granted the title of Aerial Host Commander. SiDrakkon promised that as many as thirty dragons would be sent, but such claimed number meant that not more than six or seven could be seriously employed in the Uphold. Additionally he also promised a great commander of the Drakwatch.

They reached the Upholder's palace temple and found it partially burned, but Nilrasha and Halaflora were safe, two members of Drakwatch were left to guard the tunnel and it was revealed that the kern-king Asu-ra lamented about the losses suffered by the humans.

End of the conflict Edit

While the Dragons forces had still to gather and no battle plan was made, came the news of the death of the Tyr SiDrakkon and the succession of Tyr SiMevolant, with the order to give up the campaign and return to Lavadome.

This political order (unrelated with the tactical events on the battlefield), granted the strategic victory to the Dragon-riders who gained the Uphold and most important of all learned how they could take control of the new weak leadership of the Dragon Empire.

This political event was quickly followed by the Night of the Desperate Deaths.

During the same night when the news came, Halaflora, the non-combatant mate of RuGaard, mysteriously died (but her death was unrelated with the conflict).

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