Invasion of Mossbell
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Mossbell estate, Hypatian Empire
Result Strategic Galahall Victory: invasion repelled but high casualties and losses. Quarryness set aflame. Galahall effectively control the land around Whitewater river.
Galahall (rogue Hypatian Empire thanedom)


Hypatian Empire: Mossbell


Lord Hammar




100 Barbarians and Hammar's men (in Mossbell's attack alone)

others in Quarryness

Armed inhabitants and circus's men

1 drakka

Moderate Heavy, including civilians

1 drakka wounded

The Invasion of Mossbell was a conflict that occurred at the beginning of the Age of Fire. It involved also the nearby city of Quarryness, even if the main assault was on Mossbell.

Background Edit

The Mossbell estate was ruled by the elf Rainfall and subjected to the Thane Hammar, ruler of Galahall and official ruler of the thanedom. However the relationship between Rainfall and Hammar grew bad with time, and Hammar desired to put the whole estate under his direct dominion.

Eventually, after economic situation of the estate grew better and Wistala was designed as official heir of Rainfall, Hammar grew more close to the barbarians of the north, until giving him his tytle of Thane of the Hypatian Empire to self-proclaim himself "Lord" and ignited an attempt to conquer Mossbell with the strength.

Events Edit

The conflict was far from being a proper battle: the Hammar's Barbarians aimed mostly to pillage and steal both Mossbell and the houses around the Green Dragon Inn. First was struck Mossbell itself: the mule Stog was killed while Dsossa escaped on horse, while all the other inhabitants fled thanks a tunnel followed by Wistala that fledged her wings with the help of Widow Lessup: the two of them escaped by air. However Rainfall was left behind because he demanded to be the last to leave his home and wanted to protect it. Wistala had managed to kill three Barbarians that entered the house, and later wounded Eliam while saving Yari-Tab. However that wasn't enough and the Barbarian attacked the houses around the Green Dragon Inn, killing some of the inhabitants and losing few one or two of their men.

When Wistala returned, she found with horror that Rainfall was captured and subjected with humiliation (being hanging upside down in the fountain out the house, and with Barbarians throwing his books to him). Her attempt to save him however ended with her wounded and barely conscious waiting for death, but at that point Dragonblade decided to give up his mercenary service to Hammar, disgusted by the actions of the other Barbarians (he even freed Rainfall from his ropes) and fled.

Hammer himself took a bow, and instead to finish Wistala he struck an arrow in Rainfall's chest, killing him. Just when he was going to finally finish Wistala, the people of Ragwrist circus charged the Barbarians with their gargants.

The Barbarians fled, even if come the new to Wistala that also Quarryness has been sacked and set aflame with the local judge killed.

Aftermath Edit

Despite the Barbarians were ultimately rooted out of the Mossbell's estate, their assault caused many losses and devastation and eventually "King" Hammar could control the area around Whitewater river until his downfall.

An important event occurred during the invasion: Rayg, son of Lessa and Hammar and grand grandson of Rainfall, was kidnapped because he was into Quarryness's academy. He was eventually sold until being carried to the Lavadome where he come in service of RuGaard and shaping a number of events of the Age of Fire.

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