Invasion of Northern Bant
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Northern Bant
Result Ghioz Empire Victory
Ghioz Empire Dragon Empire (Bant Uphold)
unknown Upholder NiThonius

King Onato

Ghioz Empire Army 2 dragons

1 dragonelle

Bant Army

light Very heavy

1 dragon and 1 dragonelle killed

The Invasion of the Northern Bant was the first stage of the War in Bant.

Battle Edit

Ghioz Empire assaulted and conquered the northern regions of Bant: the advanced techniques of engineering adapted in war gave them the upper hand when the best Bant warriors suffered heavy losses on Ghioz fortifications in fruitless attempts to attack them. In Northern Bant lived also the clutchwinner of the Upholder NiThonius, alongside his mate: both of them were killed.

Aftermath Edit

The invasion prompted the Upholder to ask help from the Empire and the SiDrakkon's force was sent to offer help. The best warriors of King Onato were killed in this first part of the war.

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