Irelia's Dragon-dame Song was one of the songs from Irelia, they were meant both to please and teach to her hatchlings.

Lyrics Edit

Daughter, daughter, shining bright

Precious jewel within mine sight

Oh, if I could soar with thee

As you seek your destiny.

To see with you the caves and skies

Vistas grand beneath your eyes

Taking wing to horizons new

Let us wonder who waits for you.

A dragon bright?

A dragon dark?

Victor of duels with battle mark?

A dragon strong?

A dragon keen?

Singer of honors and triumphs seen?

Red, Gold, Bronze, and Blue

To your lord you shall be true,

Copper, Silver, Black, and White,

Who will win your mating flight?

For in your hearts our future rests

To see our line with hatchlings blessed

And for those who threaten clutch of flame,

To feel the wrath of dragon-dame.

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