Ironriders-Ghioz War
Time before of the Age of Fire
Place Dairuss
Result Ghi-men victory (see results)
Ghioz Ironriders
unknown enchantress(assumed killed)
many, including wizards many
probably moderate or light probably moderate or heavy

The Ironriders-Ghioz War was a brief conflict occurred before the Age of Fire.

Background Edit

The conflict's origins were the rise in power of the Red Queen among the Ironriders (at the time she was just known as an enchantress of them).

She was born in that people, and with her skill she managed to secure support and submission of a number of Ironriders kings.

Eventually the Ironriders clashed with Ghioz, at the time a growing power.

Conflict Edit

The conflict was fought in Dairuss.

The Ghi-men were able to sent in battle wizards, disciples of Anklemere, to fight the power of their enemy.

Eventually the moving hut, formed by living trees (who were once elves) that was the main centre of power of the enchantress was burned and the woman was believed killed.

Aftermath Edit

It was unknown to most that the enchantress had mastered a skill to reborn from a tree (an art she probably copied by the life-cycle of elves). Once she reborn among the Ghi-men she quickly become the Red Queen.

Even if the war was a victory for them, the rise of the Queen turned a devastation for their country and their culture, during the War of the Red Queen.

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