The Ironriders offensive in Barbarian lands occurred during the War of the Red Queen in the Age of Fire.

Ironriders offensive in Barbarian lands
Time Age of Fire
Place Barbarian lands and Northern Hypatian territories
Result Decisive Ironriders defeat
Barbarian tribes

Hypatian Empire

dragon volunteers from the Isle of Ice

dragon volunteers from Dragon Tower

human, dwarves and elves mercenaries and adventurers

multiple chiefs

AuRon (not engaged in battle)


Thane Roff

multiple commanders
many barbarian warriors

Hypatian local milita

at least 1 dragon and 3 dragonelles from Isle of Ice

other dragons from Dragon Tower

ten thousands
Probably light.

At least moderate civilian casualties

Very heavy or devastating.

Background Edit

Of the three main column of the Ironriders who sided with the Red Quen, the northern one aimed to the northern Hypatian land and the barbarian territories.

Conflict Edit

Despite having large numerical advantage, the Ironriders aimed to take loot not expected heavy resistance. A number of villages were reported sacked, with people captured as slaves. However part of them were freed when their capturers attempted to pass into the path where was fought the Battle for Iwensi Gap. Barbars united against the invasor, inflicting losses to the Ironriders and driving them out of their territories.

Additionally, Dragon-riders from the Dragon Tower and at least 6 volunteers from the Isle of Ice(including Auron, a castrated male from the "fighting stock" of Dragon-riders, Natasatch, Ouistrela, 2 other dragonelles), alongside band of adventures and mercenaries chased away the Ironriders. Local ground forces also included militiamen from the northern Thanedoms (including the ones of Thane Roff), and armed volunteers from Mossbell led by Ragwrist. Mercenaries and adventurers, like Ghastmath and Halfmoon, joined also on the prospect to capture (and claim) the loot took by the Ironriders.

There are not many details of the clashes, but deprived of aerial cover (Roc-riders were not reported to have been sent in support), Ironriders mostly fled when chased by dragons or by barbarians (who had the advantage of knowing the territory) while attempting to save both their loot and their lives.

AuRon and Natasatch did not took part in the actual fight (even if AuRon was important to establish the early alliance with the other forces), and quickly moved to south to support the Insurgency in Dairuss.

Aftermath Edit

Ironriders suffered heavy losses and retreated toward the Red Mountains, it appears they also gathered little loot or slaves. The true effect of their offensive has been to unite their enemies.

However a considerable number of civilians were probably victim of such offensive.

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