The Kingdom of Dairuss was an human kingdom lying on the southern ridge of the Red Mountains, bordering south with the Ghioz Empire.

The peak of the power of the Kingdom was reached under King Tindairuss: under his rule, it was defeated the feared sorcerer Anklamere, putting an end to the Age of the Sorcerer. However, once the King died after the constant battles with the Ironriders, his heirs fought for power and the Kingdom lost most of its power and territory.

Eventually it was conquered by the Ghioz Empire and become a province of it.

Zanakan, known also as the City of the Golden Dome, was the capital of Dairuss. It was founded close Falnges river and the mountains: its Golden Dome, a legacy of King Tindairuss, and the city itself were protected by the Silver Guard.

Resurgence Edit

During the Dragon-riders Wars, Dairuss became a rally point for displaced refugees, escaping from the Hypatian lands.

Later, Dairussians began a rebel movement in the mountains, led by Naf, to fight the Ghioz power.

A small force of elite fighters from Dairuss took part in the Battle of Ghihar, and as aftermath the Kingdom was restored under King Naf.

Protectorate Edit

With the forming of the Grand Alliance between Hypatian Empire and Dragon Empire, Dairuss was forced to be a Protectorate of the Alliance: at first King Naf opposed, but with political mediation of Wistala and AuRon, he eventually accepted.

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