Ktarata was a very young dragonelle, living during the Age of Fire.

Life and Death Edit

She was one of the few dragonelles took captive by the Dragon-riders on the Isle of Ice with purpose of breeding.

Despite being very young (she was believed to have been fledged her wings recently), she was put among the others and was mounted by Shadowcatch the Black.

The young dragonelle was involved in the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice: sadly she had not been freed in time when Eliam and his Dragonguards attacked the dragonelles. Ktarata even if chained, bravely attempted to attack Eliam but was slaughtered by the Dragon-slayer.

Legacy Edit

Her death enraged the dragonelles that fought and massacred the Dragonguards. She was avenged by AuRon, when he killed Eliam.

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