Lada was an human girl with elven blood living during the Age of Fire.

Her father was Eyan: the impetuous half-elf son of Rainfall. Eyan was known to exploit his fascinating appearence to seduce women and one day he come back to his father, bearing Lada as an infant child. It is not known the identity of Lada's mother, but it's probable she could not keep the baby with her.

Rainfall attempted to raise the kid, but after Eyan was killed and the demands of Thane Hammar grew even more heavy, she was brought to Galahall to lives as an hostage.

Some years later, despite his young age, Hammar seduced and impregnated Lada (who was even younger): when Wistala managed to bring her back to Mossbell.

The dragonelle was extemely disappinted by the words and behavior of the young girl: she was extremely mutinous toward the granfather, and hostile toward Wistala. She often cried and demanded to be brought back to Galahall, believing to be loved by Hammar.

Rainfall instead managed to send her to the Ragwrist circus alongside Wistala. During the voyages Lada gave birth Rayg. To much distress, in the following events occurred during the Invasion of Mossbell, Rayg was kidnapped.

Grew more wise with age, Lada asked Wistala to try searching for his son, a task the dragonelle could accomplish only years later. With time and years, the relationship between the human and the dragonelle had turned from hostility to friendship.

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