The Dragon Empire's capital, the inhabited area known as Lavadome, took the name after a mysterious huge crystalline dome covering and protecting the underground area including the inhabited hills.

The dome was of unknown material, resistant enough to bear direct contact with the rivers of lava flowing all around it.

It's origin were mostly unknown, believed by some to be " a scale dropped by the Air Spirit", by others the creation (or the discovery) of the powerful ancient wizard Anklamere.

Mysteries revealed Edit

During the Age of Fire, the dome was suspected to be connected with other crystal objects related to the ancient wizard Anklamere.

Eventually all these crystals (including the Lavadome) were confirmed to have magical and mysterious properties.

At the end of the Age of Fire, during the final Fourth Battle of Lavadome, the dome was confirmed to be actually an huge vessel able to float. The origin of the vessel (strictly linked with Anklamere) were supposed to be a time or space travelling device, or even a prison for Anklamere himself that brought the wizard to the World. After having been activated by Rayg, the Lavadome disappeared.

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