The Wars, battles and conflict occurred in Upper and Lower World during History, listed in chronological order (when possible).

Age of Dreams Edit

Little is known about this Age or presence of conflicts.

Age of Wheels Edit

  • Old Uldam Fall (it marked the end of the Age of the Wheels and the beginning of the Age of Sky-Kings)

Age of Sky-Kings Edit

  • Fall of Silverhigh (it marked the end of the Age of the Sky-Kings and the beginning of the Age of Iron)

Age of Iron Edit

This age was characterized by the rise of the hominids. Possibly involved a number of wars and conflicts.

Age of the Sorcerer Edit

Between the Age of the Sorcerer and the Age of Fire Edit

Dragon Civil Wars later culminated into:

Mixed Battles

Conflict in the east

War in Bant

Wheel of Fire-Dragons War and conflict for Mossbell

Dragon-riders Wars

Age of Fire Edit

Dragon-riders Wars

Quest for the sun-shard

Demen War (many other battles fought previously the Age of Fire)

War of the Red Queen

War against Pirate Lords

Wheel of Fire-Dragons War

Fall of the Ironriders

Second Dragon Civil War

Age of Salvage Edit

No battles recorded in this brief Age.

Age of Foundations Edit

No major wars are believed to be occurred.