Magic is a mysterious and powerful skill possessed by few individuals.

Little is known about magic, because its practitioners are rare and doesn't spread their knowledge.

Dragons care little about magic, having already formidable skills themselves.

Many hominids that claim to be able to perform real magic, often turns to be impostors.

The most powerful (and real) wizard of the history has been the human Anklamere, whose life and feats brought a name to an Age (the Age of the Sorcerer).

Another known proficient in magic was the Red Queen.

" Aether "Edit

According to Drizzle, Magic (or "Aether") is basically a form of energy that is often dwindling in the world, but can be replenished by particular events or acts. By own Drizzle's words, Magic gain strength/is created from "beauty, serenity, grace" as well from songs or "an high temple filled with worshippers before the altar". A sudden burst of magic awakened hundreds of elves-born from the tree of their ancestors.

After the Age of Fire, despite fears that the dragons population could now have been condemned to extinction, a number of dragonelles were found to expect clutches: even ones that were previously believed to be sterile.

It's possible that this sudden fertility is linked with the replenishment of "Aether" because it's stated by Drizzle that it acts making civilization and races to flourish, as happened to the Hypatians.

Quotes about Magic Edit

“Don’t dabble in magic, Auron. There’s always a price. Spellcasting takes its toll from the wizard, the subject, and the world at large. That desert north of these mountains, the earth died there because of wizardry. When you crossed it, did you see a place where there were pits and holes of different sizes in the earth?” “Yes, his name was Anklamere. Those craters are from a fire-hail he called down on his enemies. Anklamere’s tower stood farther east. He withered a land greater than some nations with his magics. Tidairuss had once counted him an ally, but they grew estranged, and in the end, Anklamere allied himself with that murdering Bloodyhooves fellow. The woman whose head I singed was an assistant of his.”


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