The Massacre at the Grand Feast was a bloody event occurred during the Second Dragon Civil War, during the Age of Fire.

Massacre at the Grand Feast
Time Age of Fire
Place Imperial Ciy
Result Imfamnia's faction success (see aftermath).
Dragon Empire assassins (Imfamnia's faction)
Tyr SiHazathant (killed)

Sunk-King NiVom

Ayafeeia (killed)

Imfamnia (secretly)
non-combatant dragons


1 Firemaid

many assassins
17 dragons killed (most accurate data) all killed


The first stage of the Second Dragon Civil War put on competition NiVom and Imfamnia, against Tyr SiHazatanth and Regalia. The Grand Feast was meant to be a day of rejoying and celebration for all the dragon, to commemorate the victory against the Red Queen.


While dragons were busy feasting, hordes of assassins attacked them: they wore the turbants of the men of the Sunstruck Sea Princedoms, but AuRon believed to recognized them as blighters in disguises.

The assassins attacked dragons who had long forgot how to fight and made little resistance, striking both with blades and crossbows bolts. During such attack, Tyr SiHazathant was killed but NiVom survived an assault, and the assassins were all gathered and slaughtered by dragons and griffarans.


The massacre had multiple consequences: officially the Sunstruck Sea Princedoms were blamed by the Dragon Empire, and this was followed by an open war between the two sides.

However it was clear to AuRon and the other Siblings, that the whole massacre was planned entirely by Imfamnia: both to ignite a war with the Princedoms, but also to eliminate SiHazathant.

It appears likely that Imfamnia wanted to kill also his mate NiVom, who was targeted by the assassins but managed to survive.

The death of SiHazatanth meant the rise of Tyr NiVom.

Among the dead, there was only one Firemaid: but she was their own leader, Ayafeeia.

Another purposes of the massacre, was to use the bodies to feed the special new strain of trolls, to be used in the following conflict.

The death toll among the dragons was considered the heaviest of the Age of Fire and the previous years. Extimates of the deaths varied, some speaking of "dozens" of dragons killed, some mentioning "mourning for one tenth part of dragonkin" (that could however simply imply that one dragon of ten had a relative or a friend killed in the assault).

NiVom told that "one dragon in ten", and it's likely such count included only the dragons attending at the Feast.

However a more specific count placed the number of deaths to seventeen: still the greater number of dragons victims for the whole Age of Fire, before the destruction of the Heavy Wing during the last phase of the war. RuGaard mentioned "a score" that is close to the number given by Yefkoa.

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