Miki was a griffaran who lived during the Age of Fire.

His egg was among the ones saved from the demen by the Copper in the Lower World, an act that despite the original intentions (the young drake actually wanted to eat them), brought great respect to him, leading to his adoption as Rugaard.

Miki grew up and served on the battlefield for many years.

At the beginning of the Second Dragon Civil War, Miki was one of the five griffaran led by Imfamnia during the attempt to kills the former Tyr RuGaard in the Battle of the Isle of Ice.

Despite griffaran were sworn to loyalty to the ruling Tyr, Miki decided RuGaard was the dragon worth his loyalty: he personally beheaded another griffaran who was going to kill the former Tyr, then further engaged in fighting with their enemies.

Miki decided to follow the Siblings into their exile and reached with them Sadda-Vale. The travel was difficult for the aged fighter, and the dragons took turns to breathe their fire to warm his body.

Eventually Miki settled in exile alongside the Siblings in Sadda-Vale and passed away due old age after some time.

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