Mossbell was an Hypatian estate located in the northern region of the Hypatian Empire. It was administrated by an elven family, shortly before the Age of Fire it was controlled by Rainfall.

However by the time before the Age of Fire, the estate was growing poor for high taxes from the local Thane Hammar who secretly desired to take over the ownership of the land (caring little for the Hypatian laws).

Mossbell was also plagued by a troll, who caused death and devastation, but the arrival of Wistala and her adoption by Rainfall brought changes and the troll was slain.

Later the estate suffered the Invasion of Mossbell, and was temporally annexed to Galahall, becoming dominion of Hammar who self-proclaimed himself King.

After the death of Hammar, Ragwrist (brother of Rainfall) took over the estate.

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