Naf Touraq was an human Dairussian who lived before, during and after the Age of Fire. He had a troubled and adventurous life, befriending the gray dragon AuRon and ultimately becoming King of Dairuss (he had been previously appointed as governor of Dairuss). While fighting against the Ghioz Empire, he was known as Naf the Dome-burner by his enemies and King Naf in the Mountain by his followers, also known as "Lord Dragonheart" for his friendship with AuRon.

First YearsEdit

Naf met for the first time Auron (a drake at the time) when both were supposed to be aired as mercenary protectors of the Diadem's Caravan. The group of mercenaries fought against Auron, and Naf survived this fight (despite defeated) and accepted the defeat. Some time later, the pair met again in different circumstances, Auron recognized the bravery of the man and accepted his request: to take care of Hieba, an orphaned little girl that was saved from a group of waste-elves.

Naf did not encountered his friend for some years, and he joined and served with the Red Guard of the Ghioz Empire, travelling and protecting the borders of the land. It was during such period that he met again Hieba and the pair fall in love.

Later however, Naf relocated in Dairuss (his homeland, at the time a province of Ghioz), and joined the Silver Guard. He briefly fought against the Hypatian Thane Capoedia: when the Thane first attacked and won against the guardians of a pass, Naf directed a counter-offensive defeating the Hypatians. The Red Queen rewarded him giving the title of governor of Dairuss.

Struggle against the Red Queen Edit

Naf's governorship of Dairuss wasn't as stern and advantageous (in terms of taxes collected) as the Red Queen had hoped, so she replaced him with Hischhein, while still keeping as effective hostages both his wife Hieba and Naf's daughter Nissa.

During his last travel to the capital, he knew about the prison and the torture of the she-elf Hazeleye and decided to free her: he also attempted to kill the Red Queen, believing to have actually stabbed her to death (but unaware of her magical skills to revive, Naf believed she had doubles). Such actions made him an outlaw fugitive.

Naf took refuge in and there the oppression of the Ghioz Empire led to the insurgency in Dairuss. Dairussians found in Naf the perfect (even if reluctant) leader and managed to fend of and resist the Ghi-men. Outnumbered and less armed, Naf led his volunteer into an effective guerrilla insurgency, among the woods and the mountains of Dairuss for a whole summer before eventually the Ghioz Empire tightened its grip and corned the rebels. Naf's attempts to gain support from the Hypatian Empire brought only some advisers (Sandwash the elf and Ermet the dwarf).

King of DairussEdit

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