NeStirrath's life-song. Years after the death of Esthea, Rethothanna of the Anklene, asked NeStirrath for his song, because wanted to write about the details of the Civil War coming from the text.

NeStirrath wasn't happy to sing such song to another female and spend time with Rethothanna but agreed on singing it to Rugaard, sending him later to the dragonelle.

Note Edit

It appears the song is clearly not the NeStirrath's mating-song, containing elements occurred after the Esthea's death, however it possibly shared some common first parts.

Lyrics (incomplete)Edit

When CuTar’s sons in battle met

One perch but we nine who sought

Two-score dragons fell to earth.

In Rednight’s reckoning fought

Three lines at war for power’s pride

Black murder just a tool

AgMemdius struck, my hatchlings died

A bloody cave I found

An anguished roar, a wish for death

I sought my bloodstained foe

And over Kog’s hill, trading breath

We perished, each aflame…

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