Nereeza was a dragonelle that lived during the Age of Fire.

Life and deathEdit

Nereeza was one of the captive dragonelles into the Isle of Ice. There was laid a clutch of four eggs, sired by one of the males of the breeding stock. Once the Dragonguard walked to take away the eggs, she made resistance, claiming stubbornly it was her duty to raise her eggs. Eliam and the other Dragonguards subdued the dragonelle and the dragon-slayer assassinated her without giving the female chance or possibility to make resistance. On her death, Nereeza crushed three of her own eggs.


The bitter death of Nereeza made AuRon further realize the cruelty of the Dragon-riders, especially the one of Eliam.

One of the eggs of Nereeza survived, and went with the others. If the egg was not already hatched, it's likely it was adopted by one of the other dragonelles, possibly by Epinonia or Alhala that had their own eggs shortly later (also Ouistrela had a clutch, but it's difficult to believe she could have adopted another egg).

The sire of the egg was Starlight, Shadowcatch or Ramshard.

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