The Night of the Desperate Deaths was the name with which it was remembered the takeover of the Lavadome by the Dragon-riders during the Dragon-riders Wars.

Night of the Desperate Deaths
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Lavadome
Result Dragon-riders takeover of the Lavadome

Dragon Empire (nominally)

individuals of the Dragon Empire

Tyr SiMevolant

Queen Imfamnia


(Tighlia as most prominent individual)(killed)

36 dragons with riders

6 not-combatant dragons

1 dragon-dame

12 individual dragons (not organized)

none all killed


With the Invasion of Anaea, the Dragon-riders, who had engaged their Wars in the whole continent, get in direct contact with the Dragon Empire and the potential of such numbers of living dragons was something that they would not allow themselves to miss.

The death of Tyr SiDrakkon (who was eager to fight the riders in Anaea) was a murder hinted to have been committed by SiMevolant, who was designed heir.


When SiMevolant announced his takeover of the title of Tyr in front of a crowd, he also revealed the pact with the Andam and the Dragon-riders: Dragonblade announced himself as governor-general of the Lavadome. Such declaration shocked many, especially an enraged Tighlia who attacked Dragonblade but was slain by the expert dragon-slayer.

The whole Lavadome fall into a state of chaos in a matter of hours and taking the opportunity, the Dragon-riders entered in Lavadome forming two long lines: their force was composed by 3 scores of dragons with riders and half-score of dragons to bear baggage or supplies: 42 dragons ("few wings over forty" in the dwarven ten-count numbering).

There was no organized resistance, only a score (a dozen) of dragons individually attempted to challenge them, just to be all killed: such heavy losses were probably caused by the deadly poison of the crossbow's darts and the fact that the Lavadome dragons attacked without being led or organized in battle.

Among the killed ones there was UlBannesh, of the Immortal Memory group.

Aftermath Edit

The invaders quickly settled themselves into the Imperial Rock,

Dragon-riders attempted to gain the "sympathy" of dragons in Lavadome organizing some banquettes accompanied by aerial performances of their own dragons.

Meanwhile the seed resistance has already been planned (by Immortal Memory) and will erupt in the Second Battle of Lavadome.

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