Nirolf was a young copper drake who lived shortly before of the Age of Fire.

He was into the Drakwatch and was part of one of the two Drakwatch 's sissa under the command of NiVom during the War in Bant.

He was badly wounded during the Battle of the Black River and as many other dragons he considered himself "vanquished". Rugaard dragged him away and (to Nirolf's surprise) he pressed all the wounded ones to overcome their personal defeat.

Sadly, once Rugaard dragged Nirolf on the top of an hill, the wounded drake was already dead.

Legacy Edit

Rugaard named after Nirolf the hill where he gathered the wounded ones, raising the surprise of another dragon that had yet to understand how a wounded dragon wasn't just "vanquished".

It's possible that the older Skotl duelist NiHerrstrath, who fought and died in the same battle was a relative of Nirolf (sharing the same name's incipit that is often inherited). Because of this it's possible that Nirolf was a Skotl himself (or at least partially): however "Ni" was a common name's beginning, owned also by dragons (as NiVom) who were of Wyrr and Anklene's family

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