Nissa was an human woman who lived during the Age of Fire. While living in the court of the Red Queen she was known with the name of Desthenae. Once aged, in the Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea, she was known as the Hidden Widow.

She was daughter of Naf Touraq and Hieba, and was took as hostage in the court of the Red Queen shortly before the War of the Red Queen.

To save Nissa was one of the reason for the actions of Naf in war, and AuRon expressed desire to help his friend. Nissa has been sent to an arranged marriage in the Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea, and it was only years later that AuRon and Wistala found her, living as a lonely aged woman  into the Peacock Palace, in the city-state of Prince Samikan.

By the time the two dragons found her, Naf was already died and Hieba was very old: she was a widow, because her husband, the Prince Dalparta, died years ago during a trip.

Nissa revealed that her arranged marriage brought to the Red Queen the first pair of mated Rocs, and the basic knowledge (thanks a trainer and an apprentice) to establish the military force of Roc-riders.

The woman welcomed the two dragons, and provided them rest, food and informations especially about the threat of war coming from the Dragon Empire. She revealed also that she has been controlled by the Red Queen thanks a crystal for years.

The two dragons parted Nissa, promising to help the Princedoms in war and to give news about Nissa to her old mother Hieba.

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