Novosolosk was a black drake whose story was told by Irelia to The Siblings.

One day, he was hunting rock rats in the jungles of the south and he met a tiger. Despite the danger, Novosolosk bargained his own safety and life, saving the one of the powerful tiger. The beast had an arrow into his neck, and the young black drake managed to extract it and cure the wound with the Dwarf's-beard herb.

Legacy Edit

It's unknown how much of the story about Novosolosk was fiction or realty. If Novosolosk was a true dragon and survived until adult age, he likely took the name NoVosolosk.

Remembering Novosolosk's story, Wistala managed to cure her wounded father AuRel. After accomplishing such deed, Wistala thanked the memory of Novosolosk.

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