OuThroth was a silver dragon who lived during the Age of Fire. He painted the tip of his scales black.

Despite his young age, he was appointed Steward of Wallander. His full title was: "page of NoSohoth, exchequer of Wallander and knight-esquire of the Empire".

Being Wallander a small province, OuThoroth wasn't a full Protector and he was actually a steward for NoSohoth himself, and was sent there to gain experience. His own father used to run the uphold trade in oliban.

His main duty was supervising the thrall commerce between dwarfish slavers and Hypatians, claiming a tally of thralls for each transaction, but he felt unhappy because of the depopulation of the Ironriders lands, the commerce in thralls was declining.

He welcomed once Wistala and Yefkoa on their voyage to south.

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