Ouistrela was a dragonelle, then dragon-dame, living during the Age of Fire in the Isle of Ice.

Life Edit

She was one of the dragonelles captive of the Dragon-riders, forced to breeding purposes.

She's said to have already laid clutches for the Riders, even if in small number.

By the time of the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, she had just delivered a clutch sired by Starlight.

Ouistrela is known to have been an intelligent, ferocious and proud dragonelle, at the point that Starlight threatened her to kill her with his poison, to manage mating with her (basically raping her).

Ouistrela, once freed, was extremely ferocious in dealing with the Dragonguards, literally smashing them.

Once the skirmish was over, she remained behind with Epinonia and Alhala, to guard her own eggs. When the battle was over, she established on the Isle, but differently from the other two dragonelles she took no mate and raised the hatchling of Starlight alone.

In the following years, AuRon had often troubles in dealing with the stubborn older dragonelle. Eventually she remained the last dragon to inhabit the Isle.

She was involved in the Second Dragon Civil War because was "offered" her to be a Protector for the Isle. Ouistrela clearly cared little for the politics of the Empire, and just took the opportunity to claim officially the whole Isle as her ownership.

On the same time, Imfamnia exploited the older dragonelle's desire, to trap the exile RuGaard into a trap (stating he had intruded into a Protectorate, he was supposed to have broke the rules of his exile, even if RuGaard had no knowledge of the bargain of Infamnia with Ouistrela).

With the attempt to the life of Imfamnia failed, Ouistrela was however left in charge of the Isle. She is known to have been confirmed as having been poorly interested as Protector, because sent very little tribute to the Empire.

Ouistrela was even known to secretly cause the sinking of boats that came too much close to the Isle, even if they were from men of the Hypatian Protectorate.

Later, Shadowcatch the Black, who had been wounded in the Battle of the Isle of Ice, sought revenge. The two dragons clashed in battle, but their entangled body soon aroused other instincts and the dragonelle got pregnant.

Ouistrela eventually "settled" an agreement with Shadowcatch, demanding him to leave the Isle to not deprive her of too much food resources that would be needed for the hatchlings (even if actually the Isle has proved capable to sustain more than one dragon-dame with hatchling to rise).

She wasn't further involved in the ongoing conflict, and remained on the Isle to hatch and raised alone the small clutch she laid.

Personality Edit

Ouistrela was an unique dragonelle of her time: she even above the normal standard of pride and fiery of a dragonelle, showing to search ownership of land, eagerness of fight and aggressive pride that are more close to the behavior of a male dragon.

It's otherwise significant that she decided to raise her hatchling alone: never searching for an adoptive father/mate (as was done by the other dragonelles with clutches during the downfall of the Dragon-rider) and demanding Shadowcatch to leave the Isle of Ice and leave her to raise the hatchlings alone.

Legacy Edit

AuRon had difficult times dealing with Ouistrela, but he ever remembered her with a positive (even if critical) praise to her strong will.

Later, when she fought The Siblings, it was clear to them that the older dragonelle wasn't fighting for some belief in their enemy Infamnia, but just to earn her own space on the Isle.

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