Paskinix was a king of the demen who ruled on his people during the Age of Fire.

He was old for a demen, having survived four generations of his people, and needed the support of a dragon hatchling's teeth used as a walking stick: despite the age he was extremely intelligent for a demen, and his bright violet eyes were able to keep firm while dealing with beings as dragons. He had raided Ghioz one time, gaining treasure from the royal palace (possibly before the rule of the Red Queen), but later was defeated by the dwarves in the Battle of Domlod. His attempt to recover the sun-shard was equally a failure, during the First Battle for the sun-shard. Paskinix was a powerful enemy of the Dragon Empire during the Demen War, at first gaining some results against Tyr FeHazathant, who gave him a peace-offer (refused), and was respected by Tyr RuGaard, for his great determination and will, but who proved to be a most effective foe.

Despite having lost the First Battle of the Star-Tunnel, losing most of his army, he was demanding and unhappy to came to surrender: his last attempt to regain his lost kingdom was capturing Wistala, who fall into a tunnel after the Third Battle for the sun-shard. His attempt was however spoiled when the group led by Ayafeeia went to rescue Wistala, after having been advised by a bat who discovered her by smell. Paskinix was abandoned by his warriors and pinned-down by Takea, but Wistala asked to spare his life. Later Wistala managed to stage a small accident to give a chance to Paskinix to escape.

His life as fugitive did not lasted long (having no more army with him) and was eventually captured, showing dignity to Tyr RuGaard once they met. With great surprise and suspect, Tyr RuGaard offered him a fair peace with unexpected advantage for his people: something that Paskinix never hoped for, knowing to have lost everything.

The Tyr made clear that he hoped to forge an alliance also to combat their new enemies on the surface (the Ghioz Empire), but Paskinix realized to have been in front of a different dragon, one that could recognize honor and show mercy.

He had an unknown number of sons, and ever expected to die by the hand of one of them.

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