Prymelete was an human who lived during the Age of Sky-Kings whose actions shaped the history of the world.

He worked as a soothsayer, but for unknown reasons he turned into a rebel leader and led an insurrection of hominids against the dragons, causing the Fall of Silverhigh.

He's said to have "stolen dragon's fire" and having mixed it with wine to be drink by his comrades (but it is more likely it was dragon's blood).

During the conflict, he's known to have kept visiting dragons and exploiting his skills in dialogue and words, he caused despair to them, preventing dragons to fight effectively.

Despite having successfully destroyed the major dragon civilization of Silverhigh and forced the dragons in Lower World, he did not survived to rejoice the victory. Eastern dragons eventually captured him and killed him on the peak of a mountain.

Legacy Edit

Prymelete's actions caused the end of the Age of Sky-King and the rise of hominids in the Age of Iron.

Many lives were lost due his actions, even if also Silverhigh's dragons had to be blamed for their own corruption and inability to react at danger who caused their downfall.

Curiously, during the years before the Age of Fire, some hatchlings received positive lessons about the cunning of Prymelete, a skill deemed worth to be learned.

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