Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark
Time shortly before of the Age of Fire
Place barbarian lands
Result Decisive Galahall/barbarians victory
Wheel of Fire Galahall,


Battle commander Vande Boltcaster (killed)

other two generals (killed)

King Hammar

barbarian chieftains

Wheel of Fire Army,

barbarians scouts (secretly sided with barbarians)

1 dragonelle(only auxiliary service, secretly sides with barbarians

barbarians warriors and cavalry, narrow boats
Devastating: most killed except 2 dwarfs wounded.

A group of survivors went into hiding.

probably moderate or heavy

The expedition was a military offensive carried by the Wheel of Fire shortly before the Age of Fire.

Background Edit

The conflict between the Wheel of Fire and the "King" Hammar was masterminded by Wistala, to accomplish avenging The Siblings's murdered family. It was Wistala who planned the successful rescue of Rayg from Hammar, but was the same Wistala who advised him of the Wheel of Fire offensive.

Events Edit

King Gobold, after the Battle of Galahall, sent an army to the Barbarian lands. They pillaged and destroyed a number of villages, but they were eventually betrayed by hired scouts. The dwarves were led to the crossing of a flooded river and suddenly ambushed during a snowstorm from both sides while barbarians used even arrows barrages from narrow boats. The ambush turned into a massacre and most of the dwarven army was slain.

However part of the force managed to survive under the command of Battle commander Vande Boltcaster: they manage to repel a number of barbarians charges thanks the solid defense of their infantry's shield-wall. Wistala was called by Gobold to provide help to the escaping column (being harassed and chased by the barbarians), providing supplies and crossbows darts.

Secretly, Wistala provided intelligence to the Barbarians, regarding the direction of the dwarves escape.

Eventually King Gobold refused to give help to the retreating column, and the barbarians attacked the survivors when they camped close the slopes of a mountain, rolling rocks from above to break the defensive shield-wall and ending the battle with a final charge.

Aftermath Edit

The campaign was a disaster for the Wheel of Fire, who lost a great chunk of the Army. "King" Hammar strengthened his position, and was called "Dwarfhanger" by his Barbarians. Only 2 wounded dwarves, carried back by Wistala, survived (originally there were 3, but one died from the wounds before reaching Ba-Drink).

It was unknown to most, but actually a group of survivors managed to reach the mountains and hide there. They eventually become the first ones of the Deep Alliance.

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