The Raid In Vesshall was an assassination attempt occurred during the Age of Fire.

Raid in Vesshall
Time Age of Fire
Place Vesshall, Sadda-Vale
Result Sadda-Vale victory (assassination failed).
Dragon Empire Sadda-Vale
- Scabia
3 Griffaran of the Rock 2 dragons

1 bat (scout)

all killed Scabia badly wounded

Background Edit

At the peak of their power, Imfamnia and NiVom were aware that the distant Sadda-Vale had helped the Siblings. At some point a messenger was sent, offering to join the Empire and when Scabia refused the dragon gave words of implied threat. The Empire was not going to allow the existence of a different power.

Action Edit

Three Griffaran of the Rock were dispatched to assassinate Scabia: however the ancient dragon-dame become aware of the impending attack thanks te sudden warning of the bat Larb. She managed to dodge the deadly assault, and battled the three enemies: despite killing one of them she was badly wounded with the throat cut and was going to get killed if DharSii had not arrived just in time, slaying the two enemies left.

Aftermath Edit

Despite a very bad wound, Scabia survived.

With the failed assassination, the dragons of Sadda-Vale feared a large assault by the Dragon Empire, and prepared for the fight, however the following events prevented the Empire to order such attack.

Surviving the assassination attempt, Scabia understood better how changes were needed in Sadda-Vale. She managed to force NaStirath to find his inner strenght and organize the defenses, with the purpose of making him a future leader.

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