Wistala by dragonwolface-d5dctuc
race: Elf

Gender: Male



Past: Mossbell, Hypatian Empire

Eyan (son), Unknown Human (wife), Wistala (Adoptive daugther), Ragwrist (Brother)
Deceased (Reincarnated as a tree)

Rainfall was an elf who lived during the Age of Fire. He was the original owner of Mossbell, and he's known for being the one who cared for Wistala when she was still a young drakka, acting as a foster-father for her. He gained a number of important Hypatian titles, being a Knight of the Directory, a Temple Star, and having been an Judge Imperial.

Life Edit

Rainfall inherited the Mossbell estate and directed it. It was his duty also to take properly care of the main road leading north.

He was brother of Ragwrist.

He settled in Mossbell with his human wife, but after she passed away due the shorter life of humans, Rainfall got troubles in the relationship with his own son Eyan. Eyan was born half-elf and exploited his fascinating features to spent his days in fun and pleasures: at some point he returned, carrying an infant child girl he had fathered. Rainfall argued with his son, demanding him to take responsibilities for the child, but Eyan was a hot-head and instead he attempted to kill a troll that was causing large damages to the estate.

Eyan was killed by the troll, and Rainfall never forgave himself for what happened. Rainfall's relationship with Thane Hammar grew harsh and problematic: the greed Thane managed to bring the young Rainfall's granddaughter Lada to his own hall, while the elf kept having troubles paying the taxes.

Little by little, Rainfall was forced even to sell ancient items of his grandfather, to cover the expenses and taxes: all this changed when he rescued Wistala.

Rainfall cured and raised Wistala as a step-daughter, teaching her all about Hypatian culture and giving her advises and lessons of morality. Wistala grew acculturated and open-minded to other races as none of her siblings did. Wistala grew attached to the elf, at the point to try to save Lada: a first attempt failed and Wistala was the target of the Thane Hammer's hate. Rainfall eventually managed to make Wistala a full Hypatian citizen, and a Librarian: this allowed her to be the official heir of Mossbell estate.

Thanks Wistala's past discovery of the treasure in Tumbledown, Rainfall managed to gain all the money he needed even after a brief and bloody clash with Thane Vog he was badly wounded.

After the wound, Rainfall was forced on a wheelchair, but he recovered the presence of Lada (now pregnant) in his home. The relationship with the granddaughter was difficult because the girl was still in love with Hammar. Rainfall managed to convince Wistala to leave Mossball when the girl escaped to join the Ragwrist's circus.

In the following months, Lada gave birth to her son and the pair returned to Mossbell. Eventually, during the Invasion of Mossbell, Rainfall was captured and despite the Wistala's attempt, he was killed with an arrow by Hammar.

Last Age Edit

As every "dead" elf, Rainfall's body was buried according the customs of his people. Elves actually experience a second life as trees, after their first body death.

Later, during the ultimate phases of Second Dragon Civil War, a desperate Wistala paid a visit to the graveyard/forest of Rainfall and his relatives. She was surprised however to perceive a power and voices there: the sudden replenishment of "aether" (magic) in the world, probably triggered by the actions of the dragons and their hopes to save the world, had allowed the trees to reproduce. An event rare in the last years, because it's deeply dependent on the amount of aether.

From Rainfall's tree, a score of his progeny was born: each of them inheriting his memories and part of his spirit.

Legacy Edit

Rainfall was an elf known both during and after his life for being a great scholar, altruist and interested in helping others: he was very attached to the ancient valor of rectitude, honesty and love for truth and justice that were the foundation of the Hypatian order.

He acted as a foster-father for Wistala, shaping the dragonelle and teaching her love for culture and ability to look over the external differences between the races.

His actions led by honor and justice, greatly shaped similar feeling in Wistala, ultimately contributing to give her the needed strength to face the challenges of the Age of Fire.

Rainfall's half-elf son Eyan, was father of Lada and grandfather of Rayg, who became a notorious and important being during the Age of Fire. After his first death, at the end of the Age of Fire was also born a dozen of his full-elf progeny: all actually being partial reincarnations of Rainfall himself.

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