RuPaleth was an Anklene red dragon living in Lavadome during the Age of Fire.

He was a young dragon, during Tyr RuGaard's rule, and attempted to murder the Tyr when he probably had started to fly only from few months.

He was killed by the griffaran guards, led by their leader Aiy-Yip, and before dying he shouted: "Death to the Tyr, killer of hatchlings!"

From his last words, it is clear that his murdering attempt was motivated by the death of some hatchlings during the kern-plague (RuGaard effectively managed to quell the plague, but could not prevent the death of all the hatchlings).

It is unknown if RuPaleeth acted on his own, or if he was maneuvered and convinced to attempt killing RuGaard (exploiting his young age and inexperience).

Revelations Edit

According Nilrasha's account, RuPaleth was born and lived in milkdrink's hill, but while engaged in his clutch-fight, he was half-strangled and bit by the poison of a brother. He survived the poisoning, but grew stupid because of it.

Such deficit was recognized as madness and cause of the murdering attempt. But it is also possible that was just one more possible sign of manipulation.

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