The Sack of Hypat was an event occurred before the Age of Fire.

Sack of Hypat
Time before the Age of Fire
Place Hypat city, Hypatian Empire
Result Hypat city sacked, followed by Barbarians retreat.
Barbarians Hypatian Empire
multiple chiefteins local commanders
probably superior unknown
probably moderate or heavy Heavy losses (including civilians)

Background Edit

The Hypatian Empire lost most of its power and territory during the long years before the Age of Fire. Ongoing conflicts with the northern Barbarians brought war even to the depth of the Empire.

Battle Edit

Barbarians managed to advance to the city and sack it. It appears they aimed mostly to pillage because there is no indication they attempted to destroy the Empire itself. Eventually they left the city, driven out by military force or lack of desire to stay in stranger lands or a mix of both the reasons.

Aftermath Edit

Hypatians managed to rebuild and recover their capital city, but could not stop the loss of power of their Empire.

For years the sack of Hypat remained a legendary achievment among the Barbarians, even during the Age of Fire.

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