The Second battle for the sun-shard was fought in Old Uldam during the Age of Fire.

Second Battle for the sun-shard
Time Age of Fire
Place Old Uldam
Result blighters victory
"Uldam's Gates" blighters Ghioz Empire
unknown unknown

including Fireblades

Probably heavy or moderate, including a number of wounded Probably heavy or moderate

Battle Edit

Wistala arrived in Old Uldam when the battle was already been fought even if she witnessed wounded Fireblades. It's known that the Ghioz Empire sent men to retrieve the sun-shard, an hard battle was fought and they failed in their purpose.

Aftermath Edit

In the following days, Ghi-men attempted a number of ground approaches and sent explorers. Both sides massed their forces for a confrontation, but thanks also the presence of Wistala flying above the Ghioz camp, a meeting appeared to ends with an agreement of Ghioz retreat. This was feared to be a trick, and such fear proved to be right when the Ghioz Empire attacked during the Third Battle for the sun-shard.

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