The Second Battle of Hypat was a decisive battle occurred during the Second Dragon Civil War.

Second Battle of Hypat
Time Age of Fire
Place Hypat city
Result Decisive victory for the anti-Dragon Empire forces
Dragon Tower

Hypatian Empire

Deep Alliance


Dragon Empire(NoSohoth)

Dragon Empire




multiple dragons

army of elves

army of barbarians

Hypatian defensors

NoSohoth's dwarfs

dwarfs warriors


Demen Legion
Heavy on first phase (including human civilians)

Probably moderate on second phase



After the formation of the Grand Alliance, the captial city of the (former) Hypatian Empire turned the most important city of the north: both for population and economic interest. A relatively number of dragons from the Dragon Empire established  into Hypat city, for the political and strategic importance. After Imfamnia resumed hostilities with the Siblings and all their possible supporters, Hypat turned an important target. The Demen Legion was dispatched with the double intention to seize the city and kills or submit each dragon living there. For the same importance, the Siblings gathered their allies to save the city.


The Demen Legion begun the engagement harassing the countryside and forcing civilians to fled north.

Once a small party of dragons including the Siblings come near the city, they could witness the Demen Legion having camped outside and already took control of much of the lower part of the city itself. The Hypatian Directory and the local dragon Protectors hall however were relatively secure due higher position inside the city: a center of resistence has been the personal palace of NoSohoth protected by his personal dwarfs guards. Before the Sibling's group could reach the city, it was ambushed on the road by a group of Demen: during the brief skirmish RuGaard was captured.

While all hope seemed lost, DharSii fled to North in search of allies and Wistala returned to the nearby burial place of Rainfall. While she hoped to find comfort, she found something more because from the burial place of Rainfall's family, a new generation of elves rose: Drizzle explained how a sudden burst of "Aether" awakened them, possibly ignited by Wistala's request and hope.

Meanwhile DharSii secured the support from Barbarians (who have suffered raids from the Demens) and thanks a suggestion from Thunderwing, they envisioned a plan to ferry the warriors from sea. With the help of Seer's dwarfs, a fleet of quickly-built ships was created (the ships carried dragon decoration in honor of dragons).

For three days, the elves engaged the Demen outside the city on distance with bow and spear-thrower. Inside the city, resistance shrunk to the Directory (crowded by refugees), the coastal cliffs and riverbanks including the docks, and NoSohoth's palace.

The landing of the barbarians and the dragons near the riverbank was the first element to turn the tide: DharSii directed the assault, while Shadowcatch was notable for his first fierce assault. Demen retreated inside the city and DharSii briefly halted the assault to direct a new strategy on how facing the enemy in close streets. In that moment, elves joined their forces with the Dragons and Barrbarians, raining arrows on the massed Demen and killing the ones manning anti-dragon spear-throwers. The Blind Ripper then spearheaded the subsequent assault to reach the Directory.


The Battle resulted into a decisive victory for the alliance of forces fighting against the Dragon Empire.

With the Demen Legion destroyed and the city freed, the dragons trapped inside the NoSohoth's palace where rescued. Also the survived human population of the city was relieved from the siege, ensuring the survival of the Hypatian civilization that will merge with dragons after the Age of Fire.

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