The Second Battle of Lavadome was one of the two conclusive battles of the Dragon-riders Wars: it marked the beginning of the Age of Fire.

Second Battle of Lavadome
Overcome by dragonwolface-d70vl7b - Copia
{{{RuGaard ready to face Dragonblade. }}}[1]
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Lavadome
Result Decisive Immortal Memory and Lavadome dragons victory. Beginning of the Age of Fire. RuGaard became Tyr of the Dragon Empire.


Dragon Empire (nominally)

Immortal Memory

individuals of the Dragon Empire


Tyr SiMevolant(killed)

Queen Imfamnia(escaped)

RuGaard (wounded)



NeStirrath (killed)

AuBalagrave (killed)


36 dragons with riders

6 dragons (just arrived as reinforcement)

Andam infantry (just arrived as reinforcement)

6 not-combatant dragons

Dozens of dragons, dragonelles, Firemaids, Firemaidens and Drakwatch members

hundreds of bats

all killed expect some humans and dragons captured very heavy

Background Edit

After the takeover of Lavadome by the Dragon-riders during the Night of the Desperate Deaths, a secret group known as the Immortal Memory already worked for a plot to free the Lavadome from the invaders.

The battle's plans were only delayed by the arrival of enemy reinforcement: half-a-score of dragons bringing Andam troops and civilians (their mates and children).

Battle Edit

According the plans, RuGaard challenged the current corrupted Tyr SiMevolant in duel. SiMevolant named Dragonblade as his champion, and the dragon-slayer dueled against RuGaard in the Dueling Pit. Despite being close to death because of the skill of the man and shortcomings of his body, eventually RuGard managed to set aflame the liquid foua that he previously spit against the man, setting his body afire just before Dragonblade was going to give him a final death's blow.

Enraged by the death of the leader of his allies, the corrupted Tyr launched himself on the Pit, challenging RuGaard with his poisoned tail. Nilrasha arrived just in time, cutting the tail away, RuGaard then disemboweled him, before Nilrasha gave a final death bite to SiMevolant.

Despite the death of the two enemy leaders, the battle was far from over.

Decisive have been the early action of the bats: led by Uthaned, they caused many little wounds all the sleeping dragons of the riders, making them loose blood and slowing their mind (thanks the numbing-effects of bats' bites) while also covering their sleeping cave with pools of blood that caused the awake dragons to slip and crash.

A number of the enemy dragons simply crashed to their own death in the cave, with broken necks and backs, crushing their own riders. Others however fight above the Imperial Rock, because a patrol escaped the bats' action: they were defeated, but not before killing many dragons. AuBalagrave, despite wearing one of the three only body armors designed to counter the poisoned darts, was killed when one of such crossbow's dart struck him in the jaw.

NeStirrath led the Drakwatch fighting into the tunnels under the Imperial Rock: they successfully engaged the Andam infantry, but NeStirrath himself was killed when a wounded human hit him with a poisoned blade.

A group of riders, Andam fighters and dragons survived barricaded themselves into a deep tunnel under the Rock: however RuGaard managed to force them out offering death or thralldom (two men committed suicide) and making them surrender.

Aftermath Edit

Many dragons has been killed during the battle, but the outcome was a decisive and historical victory.

The dragons regained their freedom in their own home, and Tyr RuGaard rose to lead them, declaring the beginning of the Age of Fire. Nilrasha rose as his Queen.

As immediate reforms, RuGaard opened the Imperial Garden to public use, forged again the alliance with the griffarans, re-established the Aerial Host as main fighting force of the Dragon Empire and put HeBellereth as its Commander.

RuGaard also accepted the survived enemy dragons as members of the Aerial Host, with the surrendered riders to keep on their role, even if on different accords and as subjected to dragons.

Imfamnia fled to exile.

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