The Second Battle of Swayport was a minor conflict fought during the Age of Fire.

Second Battle of Swayport
{{{Tyr RuGaard personally led the first assault. }}}[1]
Time Age of Fire
Place Swayport, Western Shores of Inland Ocean
Result Decisive Grand Alliance victory
Grand Alliance: including

Dragon Empire

Hypatian Empire

Pirates of Swayport
Tyr RuGaard



Pirate Lords (all captured or killed)
Aerial Host (41 dragons and riders)

Griffaran Guard




Hypatian infantry on barges

Armed Pirates and soldiers

one armed merchant-ship (sunk)

3 mercenary dragons(two deserted before fight)

multiple war-machines

1 dragon killed

moderate riders and Hypatian losses

All killed or surrendered

one armed merchant-ship and other boats sunk

Mercenary dragons fled

Background Edit

Swayport, a coastal city on the western shore of the Inland Ocean, had long declared its independence from the decaying Hypatian Empire, and was ruled by Pirate Lords.

Pirates had been for years a troublesome issue for the weakened Hypatian Directory, and they kept their activity after having resisted to an assault from the Dragon-riders during the First Battle of Swayport.

With the establishment of the Grand Alliance, Tyr RuGaard was called to take action to help the Hypatian allies, and settle once and for all the pirates activity.

Casus belli was the seizure of a large merchant ship, and the captivity of the rich owner of the line of merchant-ships, who was aboard the vessel.

Battle Edit

Tyr RuGaard personally led the whole Aerial Host (a force of 41 dragons, including the commander HeBellereth). Also his Griffaran Guard was present in battle to protect the Tyr's life.

Firemaids had helped bringing a number of flat barges, full of Hypatian soldiers, drakka and drakes.

Tyr RuGaard attacked first the Hypatian captured merchant-ship, to discover that Pirates were ready and armed the ship with harpoon-throwers: the Griffaran Guard killed the men manning a machine, while RuGaard took care of the other one.

HeBellereth led the assault against the towers, engulfing them in flames, while squads of dragon-riders (led by their leader "Blaze") took control of war machines.

While the battle seemed over, the black dragon Shadowcatch, who had been employed as a mercenary, attacked Tyr RuGaard on the Hypatian ship: due their weight, the ship overturned and both dragon fell in water where they kept their fight. Shadowcatch managed to temporarily grab and take in hostage the Tyr, but he struggled free, also thanks the help of the griffaran: Shadowcatch retreated, and Rugaard pulled out of the water the griffaran Miki who had been briefly knocked down by their enemy.

Once the Tyr recovered, he found the battle was almost over: HeBellereth had directed the Aerial Host in causing minimal damages to the city itself (as requested by the Hypatian allies). A number of small crafts were set aflame, leaving intact the larger ones (to prevent pirates to board the main ships and fight from their bridges).

Ground fighting was fought by Dragon-riders of the Aerial Host, Hypatian soldiers and pirates (who employed a number of archers in the streets): during such engagements, Gundar son of Gunfer, distinguished.

Swayport's men fought a last resistance behind barricades and a wall of shields and spears, that briefly pushed back the Hypatian infantry. Gundar called with a signal for help, one dragon, FeMissanith, charged from the air and broke the enemy formations, causing large losses but was struck by a boulder from a tower and fell.

Gundar led the last ground assault, directing both riders and Hypatian, while waving an Hypatian flag.

Aftermath Edit

The battle was over with a decisive dragon victory. Dragons, riders and Hypatians celebrated the victory on the place, FeMissanith received a merciful death by the hands of his rider. He was the only dragon loss of the battle, was honored as an hero, and Tyr RuGaard allowed riders and Hypatians to drink his blood. The Tyr personally rewarded Gundar with his blood, for his actions.

The Pirates were defeated, great prizes were reclaimed, and Swayport was to be officially returned the Hypatian Empire, putting an end to the piracy in the Inland Ocean.

It's worth to notice that actually the Dragon Empire annexed Swayport as another Uphold (even if the term was going to be quickly replaced with "Protectorate").

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