The Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel, was battle occurred during the last phase of the during the Demen War.

Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel
Time Age of Fire
Place Star-Tunnel, Lower World
Result Dragon Empire victory.
Dragon Empire demen
Ayafeeia Paskinix (captured - later escaped)
5 Firemaids

1 rescued dragonelle

14 Firemaidens

1 scout bat

First phase: unknown

Second phase: many hundreds

First phase: 2 Firemaidens killed

Second phase: 1 rescued dragonelle wounded

First phase: Probably heavy or moderate.

A number fled instead fighting.

Second phase: Heavy losses.


Wistala had fallen in the last tunnels controlled by the demen and has been captured by king Paskinix who hoped to use her as bargain with negotiation with Tyr RuGaard (he wasn't aware however they were related). A bat discovered the captured dragonelle and believed her to be a Firemaid, prompting a rescue operation.

Rescue mission Edit

A party of 4 Firemaids and 14 Firemaidens, led by Ayafeeia attacked the last unknown tunnels still in the hands of the demen. To reach them it was indispensable the scouting information of the bat who first discovered Wistala.

Demen were surprised and suffered losses, but not without killing two Firemaidens. Once the rescue party almost reached the captive dragonelle, the last guards escaped, leaving behind their own king who was captured by Takea (even if he did not put much resistance).

The rescue party returned to the Star-Tunnel, but during the voyage Wistala (who had felt to owe something to Paskinix) let the captured king to escape.

Battle in the Star-tunnel Edit

When the dragons were on the move to return in Lavadome, they were suddenly attacked into the Star-Tunnel.

Hundreds of demens attacked with determination, but with little strategy and were faced with a perfect coordination of Firemaidens and Firemaid: slashing, crushing or engulfing in flame the masses of attackers while staying shoulder-to-shoulder in front of them.

After a brief but savage fight the demen gave up, with the survivors retreating and being briefly chased by some drakka.

Aftermath Edit

Despite being a minor event in the Demen War, the rescue of Wistala (one of the Siblings) was an important event, granting her survival. The battle itself occurred after the First Battle of the Star-Tunnel, and the demen had already lost most of their army.

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