The Second Dragon Civil war was a series of conflicts during the Age of Fire, that ultimately brought to the end of this Age.

Second Dragon Civil War
Time Age of Fire
Place Upper and Lower World
Result End of the Age of Fire

Downfall of Dragon Empire Survival of Dragons and Hypatian culture

Disappear of the Lavadome (structure)

Dragon Empire

Dragon Empire Tyr SiHazathant's faction (infighting with NiVom's faction)

Exiles from Dragon Empire


Dragon Tower

remains of the Hypatian Empire


Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea (briefly)

Tyr NiVom (killed)

Queen Imfamnia (killed)

Rayg (killed)

Tyr SiHazathant (killed)

Queen Regalia (killed?)

The Siblings
Aerial Host's Heavy Wing (~40 dragons)

Aerial Host's Light Wing (~40 dragons) (defected)


Demen Legion

griffaran of the Rock


Aerial Host's Light Wing (~40 dragons)

dragon volunteers

human volunteers


Very Heavy Very Heavy

Background Edit

After the Third Battle of Lavadome, the political opponents of Tyr RuGaard managed to gather the numbers to oppose openly to his leadership: this lead to a blood-less coup, that ousted from power RuGaard and brought SiHazathant as new Tyr (and Regalia as Queen). The new leadership of the Empire, agreed with NiVom (that had been a key element in the coup) to sent in exile RuGaard and his followers: Wistala, AuRon and Shadowcatch.

First Stage Edit

Just after having fled to exile, Imfamnia attempted to kill her enemies: a failed attempt that resulted in the Battle of the Isle of Ice.

The exiles fled to Sadda-Vale, while the Empire soon started to see growing inner tensions between the followers of Tyr SiHazathant, and NiVom (who received the tytle of Sun-King).

Such conflict erupted into the Massacre at the Grand Feast, resulting in the bloodies mass-killing of dragon of the Age of Fire (before the following phase of the conflict). SiHazathant was killed, and NiVom assumed the tytle of Tyr.

Main conflict Edit

With the worsening of the situation, the Siblings started to move, gathering supporters and allies. A key reason of such decision was also the awareness to prevent a repetition of the fall of Silverhigh: it was feared that once the dragons become more and more corrupted, eventually they would face a new uprising from hominids (especially Hypatians) and this time it would have resulted in dragons' extinction.

A casus belli for the conflict was the Empire's unsuccessful Raid in Vesshall, paired with the partecipation of the Exiles to the War in Sunstruck Sea.

NiVom dispatched the Light Wing to force the surrender of RuGaard, after knowing about his presence in the Dragon Tower. However the dragons deserted and joined force with the exiles and their allies: this prompted Imfamnia to anticipate her plans of domination. Imfamnia murdered NiVom with poison and then unleashed trolls during the Battle of the Iwensi riverbank to exterminate preventively the Heavy Wing avoiding their own potential defection. Imfamnia's move attempted to quickly exterminate or subject each single dragon and a key location for this plan turned to be the Hypat city.

The capital of the once-powerful human Hypatian Empire was now inhabited by a considerable amount of dragons, including NoSohoth. The Demen Legion besieged and invaded the city, forcing the humans and the dragons defensors to gather in the central quarters: the Siblings managed to rally allies including the barbarians and dragons of the Dragon Tower (after a local brief battle). The following key Second Battle of Hypat saw won also with the sudden arival of a new army of elves. Having secured the north, flying dragons went south to face NiVom and Imfamnia: meanwhile the latter murdered with poison her mate and revealed to be the Red Queen who possessed the body of the dragonelle.

While dragons fought trolls and griffarans in the sky above the Lavadome, the conflict was resolved by action of AuRon and RuGaard who have been captured by Rayg and Imfamnia. The two dragons siblings were forced to fight each other (until the assumed death of RuGaard), but AuRon managed to put Imfamnia and Rayg against each culminating with the collapse of the Lavadome's structure and the assumed death of both.

Aftermath Edit

The war marked the end of the Age of Fire and was followed by the short Age of Salvage.

The conflict saw the demise of the Dragon Empire, but thanks the actions of the Siblings, the species was saved from sure extinction or slavery. While some (DharSii) feared for the recovery of the wekened dragonkind, the new age saw a relative stable period (with the founding of Chartered Trust) and the birth of new dragons.

The defeat of Rayg and the Red Queen schemes also saw the survival of the Hypatian culture, threatened by the more greedy Ghi-men culture.

The demise of the Ironriders saw also a rebirth for the blighter culture, replacing them as nomadic culture in east.

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