Second Urlant War
Time before the Age of Fire
Place Urlant Uphold
Result Stalemate resulting in political agreement. Desertions among dragons.
Dragon Empire Yikyans


3 Dragons

1 Firemaid

humans of Urlant (limited)

1 additional Firemaid (not in battle)

one dragon wounded

2 Dragons and 1 Firemaid deserted after the battle

Very heavy

a prince temporarily captured

The Second Urlant War occurred during before the Age of Fire. Despite its little historical importance, it directly involved The Siblings 's parents, allowing their first meeting.

Preliminaries Edit

Humans in the Urland Uphold had reported troubles with their herds: missing beasts and their guardians that led to believe some dangerous creature or dragon was attacking them.

SiDrakkon led 3 young dragons in search of this enemy: the Firemaid Irelia, AuRel and NiVesseth. The three young dragons were coming each from a distinct clan.

Conflict Edit

Once Irelia discovered how the attacks were caused by large avians, the conflict erupted. At first both dragons and humans believed their aggressor to be only animals, but Dragons learned how the Yikyans were sentient, intelligent and organized foes. Still the dragons aerial moves, the use of fire, and the thick flocks-formations of the Yikyans managed to inflict heavy losses to the avians.

The dragons were however split and dispersed, humans played no part in the peak of the fight because the distance.

SiDrakkon was badly injured and dragons would have been eventually killed, but AuRel had captured the young prince of the Yikyans that has been previously wounded.

After the wounds of SiDrakkon, Irelia was put in command and negotiations were carried on to came out of the stalemate. Another Firemaid, Jizara, joined the campaign once fighting was over, to be dispatched immediately as messenger back to Lavadome.

Finally a truce was agreed, later implemented by a political agreement.

Desertions Edit

Despite the successful outcome of the conflict, the three young dragons became fascinated by the Upper World, and craved to left behind their life in Lavadome. They confronted SiDrakkon, hoping in a peaceful resolution, but the battle-lord reacted violently, forcing the dragons to escape.

Outcome Edit

Both sides come with gains from the conflicts: Dragon Empire re-established security in the Uphold, gaining a new ally even if at the cost of less tributes from the Uphold (food needed to keep the peace with the Yikyans). The Yikyans, despite having suffered heavy losses, conquered finally a place to live, after their ancestral homes in the east were destroyed, forcing the flocks to migrate in Urlant.

As direct consequence of the campaign, 3 of the dragons involved defected to search a different life in the wild, far from the Lavadome. Two of them were The Siblings 's parents: taking part together at this war had crossed their destiny forever.

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