Seeg was a male dwarf who lived during the Age of Fire.

He was a leader among the Deep Alliance.

In past he was a veteran of the Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark, but survived and gained a position among the newly formed group of dwarfs searching refuge under the mountains. He was a Wheel of Fire dwarf and claimed to have been a loyalist of King Gobold Fangbreaker, but give up his trust in him after being abandoned and cursed his name for the death of his comrades.

When the dwarfs captured the Copper, Seeg mantained a neutral position (between the ones who wanted simply eat the dragon, or the ones who recognized the opportunity), but eventually he decided to accept the offers of the dragon.


Seeg carried on his body what appeared to be a piece of a crystal (related to the Sun-shard and the Lavadome (structure)). Once the dwarfs joined the dragons of the Dragon Tower, the party of scous led by Halfmoon and Ghastmath robbed the dwarf of his crystal. The Copper wondered if the whole mission has been hired by someone (probably Imfamnia and Rayg), just to recover the crystal

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