Shadowcatch, often known as Shadowcatch the Black, was a dragon living in the Age of Fire. He had 9 horns, grown wild and giving him a barbaric look.

The tyr s bodyguard by katarrhe-d2xj82j - Copia
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Black, very large size and strenght
Current: unknown - probably independent
Past: Dragon Tower, Dragon Empire, Swayport (mercenary), independent, Dragon-riders
Current: none
Past: Tyr's bodyguard, Breeder
Mate/s: Many (none actually his mate, all forced breeding) including Ktarata, accidental mating with Ouistrela
Children: Many, from multiple clutches, including one "small clutch" from Ouistrela
Distant Relatives: NooMoahk (Possible Ansestor), AuRon (Possible Distant relative)
Battles: Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, Second Battle of Swayport, Battle of the Isle of Ice, Second Battle of Hypat
Death: Probably survived at the Age of Fire (see Fate)

Features and Personality Edit

He was notorious for being a massive dragon of considerable strength, making him a formidable enemy for other dragons. AuRon wondered if his black scales were a sign of descending from NooMoahk.

At first sight, Shadowcatch is a fearsome and formidable colossus. His mind is not equally brilliant, but his loyalty is undeniable. He's known to have been quite attached to physical pleasures, both wine and dragonelles: this could be seen in the fact that he mated with Ktarata when she was still a very young dragonelle. However these defects were outweighed by his following actions, especially when he proved to be willing to fight against the Dragon-riders even if he was already enjoying a comfortable position.

History Edit

Shadowcatch was one of the three dragons of the "Breeding stock" for the Dragon-riders in the Isle of Ice when AuRon came, (second-in-line after Starlight, and before Ramshard). He enjoyed the life and the pleasure of a breeding dragon, and is known to have sired a number of clutches. He's also known to have mated with the young Ktarata before her death.

During the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, he was at first surprised and shocked, but quickly joined the other dragons.

After that he was said to have fought against some remains of the Dragon-riders in the southern waters of Inland Sea, but eventually he established himself for some time in the Isle of Ice.

He was known to have bothered a company of hominids in search for treasures that eventually gave news to AuRon about the survival of his sister Wistala.

He was also shortly employed as mercenary by the Pirate Lords during the Second Battle of Swayport, against the Dragon Empire.

Later he revealed also of having been secretly hired by Wheel of Fire to murder Wistala, but he abandoned such purpose.

With the beginning of the Second Dragon Civil War he ended in service of the Tyr RuGaard himself, who welcomed him as a personal bodyguard. He stayed loyal to RuGaard even after he was banished in exile and took part at the Battle of the Isle of Ice. Having been wounded on the wings in battle, he could not follow the other exiles, so he remained close the Isle of Ice, hoping to fight against Ouistrela.

He finally engaged in a fierce battle against the dragonelle that had rose as Protector of the Isle. The battle, however, had an unexpected and hilarious ending; the two rivals fight soon turned into an embrace of mating.

Ouistrela, not considering her mating with Shadowcatch a proper mating, asked him to leave the Isle so as not to deprive their hatchling of what scarce food resources were available. Shadowcatch agreed to leave.

Later, he swam until reaching the Dragon Tower and was involved in the final stages of the War. He's known to have took part in the Second Battle of Hypat.

Fate Edit

It's known that Shadowcatch took part at the Second Battle of Hypat, surviving the first stage and taking part at the final stage when elves reinforcement arrived, helping to secure the victory.

He was not mentioned as killed in action (considering his importance such report should have occurred if he was killed): for sure he could not take part in the final confrontation in Lavadome and possibly he stayed back in Hypat (or returned to the Dragon Tower with wounded ones), thus surviving the Age of Fire.


Shadowcatch left a good memory to his allies and friends, including The Siblings. He was a loyal and courageous dragon, that overcame his defects with eagerness.

He's also known to have sired probably multiple clutches: first as in service of the breeding stock, later once again when he "mated" with Ouistrela.

Quotes Edit

Notes Edit

Sometimes his name was misspelled Shadowstalk.

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