The Shard of the Seeing Star was a crystal orb used as a tool of fortune-telling by the old human Intanta and later by the dragonelle Wistala.

The crystal appeared to have positive effects in soothing the nausea of Lada and relaxing her (at the time she was pregnant), it also gave images to the young girl, helping her during her birth.

Later, Iatella used the crystal to make a real prediction of future events to Wistala (concerning the fate of the world during the Second Dragon Civil War), after such prediction, Iatella bear no memory of have spoken such words.

Wistala by damage ko-d6h6zd7

art made by damage-ko on deviantart

Origins Edit

It was one of the few separated fragments/shards of the mysterious great crystal coming from the lost city of Kraglad, ruled by Anklamere.

The crystal, as other example of similar shards with the same nature, is one of the few real object with some kind of mysterious magical effects. Being smaller than the Sun-shard, its effects were on smaller scale.

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