SiBayereth was a red Skotl duelist dragon who lived in Lavadome shortly before the Age of Fire. He was part of the Imperial family, being related with Tighlia (her aunt).

Life and Death Edit

SiBayereth was the first (and only known) son of SiDrakkon. He was decent enough talking with Rugaard, giving him brief advise before his first expedition in the Upper World. However SiBayereth was known to be a great lover of duels, often bearing the scars of the fights, and such passion grew with time. When Tighlia accused NiVom of having wounded Imfamnia, she proposed SiBayereth to fight in duel with NiVom, but the albino dragon retorted accusing Tighlia herself, prompting the older dragonelle to appoint NoTannadon as her own champion to duel with NiVom (Nivom eventually fled and escaped).

Eventually the love for duels brought an end to the life of SiBayereth and he was assassinated into his bath. It was rumored that he was killed as retribution for one (or more) of the deadly duels he took part or caused. However it was also rumored that the cause of the murdering could have been a maiden dragonelle he seduced and mated (or raped?) for pleasure and later abandoned.

It's also possible that someone could have been behind the killing for political reasons, considering of the quick loss of power of Tighlia and the rise of SiMevolant and Imfamnia behind the curtain, it's possible that the former pair was involved (to eliminate the official heir of SiDrakkon).

Legacy Edit

SiBayereth did not left a great memory of his life and actions: despite having appeared a decent dragon at first to The Copper, he had probably many enemies who hated him for having caused deaths of other dragons in duels.

If the rumor of the murdering due an enraged dragonelle was true, it's possible that he had sired one (or more) clutches in these illegitimate mating.

However there was no confirmation of him having a proper mate, being the only son of SiDrakkon his death could also have been prompted by political schemes to eliminate the only heir of the current Tyr and leave open field to SiMevolant.

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