Silverhigh was an historical and famed nation of dragons, centered into a large dragon city that bore the same name.

Little real details are known of Silverhigh, because few dragons who saw its glory and following downfall were alive during the Age of Fire.

Dragons lived in marbled and wonderful white towers, caring only of art and culture, served by thralls.

Growing corruption, passivity and lack of fighting skill, made dragons vulnerable and caused the Fall of Silverhigh.

Legacy Edit

For many years, dragons regarded Silverhigh as their lost era of glory: both with regret, sadness and anger toward the hominids.

In the years after the Age of the Sorcerer, the dragons inhabited the Lavadome and some saw this new civilization (center of the Dragon Empire) as a second Silverhigh (even if never matched its glory and culture).

Part of the Silverhigh culture was saved by the memories of dragons (and songs), much of this heritage was preserved in Sadda-Vale, thanks the actions of the Archelle Scabia, who at the end of the Age of Fire was believed to be last living dragon to have saw the glorious days of Silverhigh.

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