SoRolatan was a bright copper Skotl dragon, who served as Upholder, and lived in Lavadome during the Age of Fire.

He was notorious for being very rich, thanks the ore-mining during his time as Upholder in the tip of the Empire's southern wing.

He had a mate, but was believed to be barren. However he was known to be greedy in lust for dragonelles, having already one or two jades (lovers), and seeking to get also Yefkoa (against her will) after paying her family. After decision of RuGaard, Yefkoa managed to get free of SoRolatan's request, but the Skotl dragon held a grudge against the Tyr because of this.

During the Age of Fire, he rose as Protector of Dairuss: but he kept on indulging in younger dragonelles and in food, angering King Naf who eventually chased him away and this almost caused a war with the Dragon Empire.

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