Starlight was a silver venomous young dragon, living during the Age of Fire.

Starlight sketch by 3l3ctr0head-d4faqno - Copia
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Silver, venomous dragon
Current: Dragon-riders(officially), himself (secretly)
Current: Breeder
Mate/s: Many (none actually his mate, all forced breeding), including Ouistrela, Alhala and Epinonia
Children: Many, from multiple clutches.
Friends: None
Enemies: AuRon, Dragon-riders (secretly), Elves, Icelake
Battles: Insurrection on the Isle of Ice
Death: Killed in aerial fighting against AuRon during the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice

Life Edit

He was captured when still in the egg by Hazeleye's party. Being deprived from the contacts with his parents, was clearly an event that shocked and sealed the fate of the young dragon. Because of his sufferings, he never gained the size of a proper adult dragon.

He was raised and trained in the Isle of Ice by the Dragon-riders. There, it came out he was being of the rare kind of venomous dragons.

Despite his young age, he earned a place among the "breeder stock". After that he's known to have been an active and ferocious sexual competitor: he's known to have murdered Icelake because the blue dragon fared better during a trial and Starlight feared of losing his place.

He's known of having been extremely active as breeding male: right before the events of the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice he was known to have impregnated three dragonelles at the same time: Ouistrela, Alhala and Epinonia.

He is known to have basically raped the proud Ouistrela: despite being younger and smaller, he threatened to kill her with his poisonous bite if she didn't allow him to mate her.

Death Edit

Eventually, Starlight revealed to AuRon that he was working in secret to overcome the Dragon-riders and the hominds: his plans consisted in using the Dragon-riders to exterminate the elves and dwarves and then revolt against the same Riders.

It was supposedly for this reason that Starlight attempted to sire as many clutches he could, because he strongly believed in the need to strength the dragons' numbers

However AuRon pointed the weak points of these plans to Starlight: especially the fact that the Dragon-riders could have easily controlled the submitted dragons until eventually exterminating the whole race once it was useless.

It's also hinted that Starlight partially absorbed the Wyrmmaster's beliefs, because used harsh words against the elves (this could also have been influenced by his capture when he was still in the egg).

An enraged Starlight attacked AuRon that was forced to fight a deadly battle with him. Starlight bite the tail of AuRon (forcing him to cut a tract of it, to not allow the poison spreading in his body) but he was wounded on the wing and losing the ability to fly he crashed to his death.

Legacy Edit

AuRon expressed sadness on the life and death of Starlight, feeling pity for him.

Eventually, Starlight achieved a little piece of his desire. Three healthy clutches sired by him were cared by Ouistrela, Alhala and Epinonia, in addition to the previous ones he sired (even if they produced dragons that were eventually castrated, but also drakka and drakes who were still growing in the caves of the Isle).

Because of this, it is highly probable that a good chunk of the new young dragons inhabiting the northern shores of the Inland Ocean (including the ones of the Dragon Tower) were offspring of Starlight.

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