Stog was a mule, an animal living shortly before the Age of Fire.

Life and DeathEdit

Stog was an intelligent mule, especially compared to horses, and his courage and independence was remarkable. Wistala at first met Stog when Thane Hammar gifted him in exchange of the death of Avalanche to Rainfall. Such trade was meant as an insult, because the battle-horse, killed while fighting against the troll, was one of the few sources of income for Rainfall (being used as a stud), and a mule, being sterile, could not make the same. Wistala was quickly impressed by the courage and will of Stog, that had no fear of dragons. She learned how the Stog was actually a mule employed in the hunting parties of Dragonblade. Stog never hide his pride in having been part of such hunting parties, but he slowly grew fond to Wistala's friendship.

Stog helped and supported Wistala both at her first unsuccessful raid to recover Lada from Thane Hammer and both in the successful expedition to claim the treasures in Tumbledown.

At some point Wistala even song a brief elegy to mules compared with horses and after that Stog appeared to have kept it in mind, singing brief lines shortly before his death.

The courageous mule was involved in the Invasion of Mossbell, he personally charged the horses of the attackers, luring the enemy's attentions while Dsossa escaped. He displayed courage and love for his friends until the end, before he was struck by multiple arrows.


Wistala learned much from the curious friendship with Stog, growing attached to the mule. It appears that also Rainfall respected Stog, even if his beast-language was less advanced than the one of drakka. The courageous death of the mule was remembered by Mossbell's inhabitants, and quickly enflamed the fury and the desire of avenge his death in Wistala. Thanks his action of gaining time for Dsossa and the others, Stog made a contribution in the general course of events.

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